Non- Profit

 Water For Impoverished Nations was founded in 2012.  Activity includes drilling water wells and installing hand pumps for the small villages in Guatemala.  This work is done by David Rutledge.  100% of the work done is for the impoverished Guatemala villages that could not otherwise afford water wells.  David plans to volunteer his services 2 months of the year as financing allows.  This activity will be funded by donations and personal money. 

Water For Impoverished Nations provides service of constructing water wells and installing hand pumps for villages who otherwise would not have access to clean water.

Board members and any vounteer may at times do a mail, e-mail, personal, foundation grand, or goverment grant solicitation.  At the present time there is not a website, but if formed in the future will accept donations through it.  The fundraising will be done by Water For Impoverished Nations.

Water for Impoverished Nations would operate in the country of Guatemala, specifically the Peten and Izabal regions.

The operation of constructing water wells to bring clean water to these impoverished communities is the purpose of this non-profit organization.

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